One on One Coaching

Unlock the door to your full potential with Maya’s one-on-one coaching sessionsa personalized odyssey towards self-discovery and empowerment. In these exclusive sessions, Maya applies her expertise in human behavior and her deep understanding of personal advancement to create a bespoke roadmap tailored just for you. This isn’t just coaching; it’s a transformative experience that addresses your unique challenges, aspirations, and dreams. With Maya’s guidance, you’ll navigate the complexities of your journey with precision, turning each session into a stepping stone towards the life you envision.



Establishing goals, challenges, and aspirations. Identifying emotional and psychological blockages.

Emotional Regulation
and Mastery

Techniques for managing stress and anxiety. Strategies for emotional resilience and regulation.

Behavioral Analysis
and Adjustment

Understanding underlying behaviors and their triggers. Implementing positive changes.

Trauma Healing
and Reconciliation

Addressing and healing from past traumas. Techniques for forgiveness and letting go.

Relationship and
Communication Skills

Enhancing interpersonal skills and relationship building. Effective communication strategies.

Progress Evaluation
and Re-strategizing

Assessing the progress towards set goals. Adjusting strategies for continued growth.