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Human Behavior and Advancement Expert

Unlock Your Potential with Maya Taher Maya Taher is a luminary in human behavior and advancement. With a passion for empowering individuals, she has carved a niche in inspirational speaking, corporate training, and holistic healing. Maya's unique approach blends personalized coaching with a deep understanding of human psychology, offering a sanctuary for those on a quest for self-improvement and career growth. A place where you can achieve Personal healing and growth, with a trusted advisor who values your transformation as her own success.

  • Personal healing & growth
  • Trusted advisor
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Human Behavior and Advancement Expert
Human Behavior and Advancement Expert

Maya's Message


Empower and transform lives through the mastery of human behavior. Maya Taher dedicates herself to guiding women and individuals seeking self-discovery and holistic healing. With unwavering honesty and profound knowledge, we strive to unlock the potential within, nurturing confidence and integrity. Every interaction is a step towards personal growth and career advancement, healing trauma, and inspiring empowerment.


To be the beacon of transformation in human behavior and development, creating a global community where empowerment is the norm, and self-advancement is accessible to all. Maya Academy envisions a world where every individual has the tools and support to overcome challenges, turning aspirations into achievements, and leading lives filled with purpose and joy.

Core Values



Our core is unwavering integrity, emphasizing transparent communication and authentic relationships. We prioritize continuous learning, sharing expertise to enhance our clients' lives. Cultivating self-belief, we empower clients to confront their life challenges.



We recognize the uniqueness of each journey, offering tailored one-on-one and group coaching to meet individual needs. Results-Driven: Our philosophy is cemented in delivering transformative experiences with measurable impact.



Communication is at our foundation, characterized by unwavering integrity and a commitment to transparent interactions, fostering authentic relationships. We enrich our clients' lives through shared expertise, prioritizing continuous learning

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Human Behavior and Advancement Expert

Why Choose Maya?

Choosing Maya Taher means choosing a path to empowerment crafted by integrity and expertise. It means embarking on a journey tailored to your personal healing and growth, with a trusted advisor who values your transformation as her own success. Maya's commitment to delivering life-changing results, combined with her unique philosophy, sets her apart in the realm of human development and motivational speaking.

  • Consistency
  • Improvement
  • Remote Learning
  • Personalisation
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