Maya Corporate Training

Maya Taher’s corporate training programs are a catalyst for workplace transformation. Designed to foster a culture of growth, resilience, and high performance, these sessions are tailored to drive organizational change from the inside out. With Maya’s unique blend of psychological expertise and behavioral insights, companies will unlock collective potential, nurture leadership qualities, and enhance team dynamics. This isn’t just training; it’s an invigorating journey towards corporate excellence.


Culture Assessment

Evaluating current workplace dynamics and identifying areas for improvement. Aligning corporate values with actionable behaviors.


Cultivating emotional intelligence and decision-making skills among leaders. Strategies for effective, empathetic leadership.

Team Building
and Collaboration

Exercises to strengthen team unity and collaboration. Addressing and resolving interpersonal conflicts.


Enhancing clarity and efficiency in corporate communication. Techniques for persuasive and influential communication.

Resilience and
Stress Management

Building a resilient workforce capable of handling change and adversity. Techniques for managing workplace stress and preventing burnout.